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This is the place where we’ll be putting our needs up and then updating them as we see God provide.  We find joy in the small things and we don’t want anything to go unnoticed so here are things you can pray for and keep your eyes out for.

-Local Friends-My job and Steph’s school don’t provide a ton of young married connections in the local community.  We could really use to find some young couples who would like to share some of life’s journey with us at times.

-Friendships in other places-We both have friendships with people that are in other places and those take intentional thoughts and time to continue.  We care about these people and want to see these relationships continue and grow.

-Growth-I (Jeff) and finding that I have time to learn and listen…may it not just be for myself but for long lasting growth

-Productivity-We both know how to push things off and not get what we need to get done.  We’re working to change that, but it takes a team.

-Our relationship-This adventure can put a strain at times on our relationship. We are young, but we’d love to grow and learn to be wise and loving.

Specific Items of Need:

-Health Insurance (roughly $200 a month): we believe that God is the best health insurance we can have and we know that we will be taken care of no matter what happens. We are going to continue to trust God with this and if you feel this is an area that you can pray with us about or support us for we would appreciate it.

 -A kitchen table: We haven’t been able to purchase a kitchen table yet, and want something that is simple. We realize it is just something however, we know that the impact of having someone over to our home (which is something we really like to do) can be huge in our culture and we really would like to be able to host people at our place and have a place to sit and eat together. We have some chairs waiting for us in Port Orchard but no table.

 -A fixed Windshield on the jeep-$100. About a month ago Steph was driving to Selah for church when a hugh rock shot up and hit the jeep’s windshield leaving a huge crack in it. We would really like to have that fixed, however haven’t been able to specifically set any funds aside for it.

 -Brake Check on the Subaru ($?) We need to have the brakes checked as I’ve been doing a lot of driving recently but I’m afraid that if I take it in it’s going to cost a bit of buck to have some new pads or rotors changed/fixed

 -A Desk and Chair: I’m currently setting up my office in our house and while I have a small desk and a chair I’d love to find something that is a little more spacious and comfortable so it can turn into my everyday working environment. It’s tough because I don’t want to be picky and selfish but at the same time it would be nice to have something that is comfortable and easy to work at. I’d love a drafting table or flat tall desk/table and a high/tall chair or stool so I could stand/sit and work and have some space.

 -School loan payments: Steph spent a year studying at Northwest in Kirkland and it has it’s price. We’d love to start putting some money toward those payments.

 -Hospitality Fund: One of the ways we really connect with people is by having them over. We know we can’t serve gourmet food but it is expensive to have people over and just have some small snacks. We’d love to be able to have even $20 a month to put toward having people over to our house to build relationships with.

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