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Fasting from Self

March 9, 2011

What an interesting thought and well…it’s really a challenge that I’m seeking to understand and follow out during this lent season.  To fully recognize and find my joy in following and serving God, to be a friend of God, and to line up my heart and mind with the thoughts and actions of the kingdom.  To give up any thought, action, or response that is rooted in my “self.”  So life is going to look at little different as more and more things come to the surface.

It’s also interesting that as I turned my focus toward God that He promises to sew back into me.  That my youth will be (and is being ) renewed like the eagles.  That my voice and my passions will come to life and become bold and full because my heart will be aligned with His.  This is such an exciting time.  I can just see God smirking and chuckling because He knows of what is to come. He can see the greater picture and is way more excited than I will ever know.  It’s pretty cool to know that God is excited for me and about me.  It’s pretty cool to know that God wants me to thrive and wants to lift me up and sit my next to Him.  The best part…it doesn’t have to start tomorrow

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