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Too Much Faith?

March 4, 2011

Woa!  I am so a dreamer and I just got my rear end handed to me on a plate.  I’ve been processing a few things this week and wanted to write those down but went to quickly read John 2 first.  I’m definitely getting my butt kicked.  Here is the deal:

I find myself in a job where I know I am supposed to be for a season (to learn, to gain experience, to improve, etc) however my mind and soul find themselves on the constant move looking for the areas where God is and where I can be.  It can be hard to focus at work because really the work I am doing doesn’t feel like Kingdom work on a day to day basis, or doesn’t really “fit” what I feel like I’m called to do.  So in the midst of God re-establishing and laying a new foundation in me I’m coming to fully understand that part of the purpose for right now is to grow in being an amazing follower.   To be a well known leader in the world you usually find someone to mentor you, you gain a little experience, and then you blaze you own trail/path and you make things happen.  The mentality totally shifts when you look at it from a Kingdom perspective.  To truly be a leader within the Kingdom of God you HAVE to be an amazing follower because at no point in time can you ever leave the leader.  You can leave, but if you aren’t totally surrendered and in relationship with Christ, it’s not going to be of the Kingdom.  All that being said, I’m supposed to be learning to follow and follow well.

What is happening is that God is building up a foundation where my nature, being, and identity are becoming so centered and intimate with Him that there will be no difference between Jeff the school district employee or Jeff the minister of the gospel.  It’s not like a switch just gets turned on because a title is present.  The current challenge seems to be that my heart cries for me to react but the hours in the day just seem to run out and I can’t be too many places at once.  So even today I was challenged and asked “are you doing anything to really put your thoughts and dreams into use?”Simple question.  Then interpret it after reading John 2:14-26.  I can believe God is big and called me to big things but if I don’t act on those dreams…they just become lifeless.  Dead.  I can believe this or that, but if there is no action then it’s pointless.  So ya, hours may seem to run out but what is my true calling and desire, to work, to dream, or to pursue God with a reckless abandon?  Talk about being challenged.

Part of the challenge is determining today that I must choose to dedicate the time and focus to following and being an amazing follower.  Part of the challenge is to really put some action and time into what God is asking me and calling me to do thus really building it into who I am as a person.  Does it really make a whole lot of sense?  Sometimes no.  In fact I must admit, for the most part no.  I mean, I believe in something and in someone that I have experiences with but I can’t see and even then I know who God is but what I know and have experienced can’t even come close to really imagine the vast love of God.  So ya it is a little crazy. To pursue some big things is pretty crazy and foolish at times.  But I also must say that I’m quite thankful and blessed to have a wife who wants to be crazy and foolish with me.  That we have some close friends who are also willing to be a part of the adventure.  It also doesn’t hurt that we’ve seen examples of Ezekiel and Abraham who set out to do some pretty crazy and foolish things (I mean seriously…talk to a bunch of bones and expect that they are going to rise up into an army or bind your son up and prepare to kill him even though you are supposed to be the father of many nations?  To even believe that he was going to be the father of many nations before he even had a kid is quite wacky but yet it states that he believed and God credited it him as righteousness).  I guess the challenge just keeps growing and we need to constantly re-evaluate what “crazy” really is in this life.  All I know is that God keeps asking us to imagine greater, deeper, and wider and that while there may be some things that look really weird I don’t mind at all if I’m one of those people who just had too much faith.  I’m pretty positive that God isn’t going to frown and look down on that when the day come so I need to do everything I can to put myself in a position for more of God to be revealed and His Glory to transform me.  Amen Amen.  Bring it God!

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